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Reading List (June 2016)

Why vacation at tech companies should be mandatory: better code, happier people

The Four Burners Theory: The Downside of Work-Life Balance

Reading List (May 2016)

Harnessing Happiness to Build Your Career — Advice from an Uber Product Leader

Reading List (Apr 2016)

Why Successful People Spend 10 Hours A Week Just Thinking

52 ways to make life 68% more rewarding

Reading List (Mar 2016)

Reading List  (Feb 2016)

Lessons From Legendary General Sun Tzu: How to Use Military Strategy to Build Better Habits

Reading List  (Jan 2016)


Why Prolonged Sitting And Standing Is Unproductive




Hackerearth Blog

James Clear Blog

Telecom Talk


  1. The Perils of Java Schools
  2.  The 5 biggest mistakes on Resumes and How to correct them


  1. Adrenaline cyclist’s short movie

TED videos:

  1. The science of static electricity – Anuradha Bhagwat
  2. The key to success? Grit – Angela Lee Duckworth
  3. Scouting for Intellect: Sue Khim
  4. Looking past limits – Caroline Casey
  5. Play this game to come up with original ideas – Shimpei Takahashi
  6. How to make peace? Get angry – Kailash Satyarthi
  7. Want to be happy? Be Grateful – David Steindl
  8. Before I die I want to. – Candy Chang
  9. Comma story – Terisa Folaron
  10. Jason Fried: Why work doesn’t happen at work
  11. Deb Roy: The birth of a word 
  12. Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action (People don’t buy what you do, people buy why you do it.)
  13. Stefan Sagmeister: The power of time off
  14. Graham Hill: Why I’m a weekday vegertarian
  15. Kevin Slavin: How Algorithms Shape our World
  16. Christopher Emdin: Teach teachers how to create magic
  17. Ziauddin Yousafzai: My daughter, Malala

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