Courses are free, our time isn’t

Now MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is a buzz word. There are many courses (most of them are free) from different providers. You can learn from people who have profound knowledge of the subject. You can pause them. You can replay them. And all is for free.

Most common situation arise for everyone is, we enrol for many courses and end up finishing none or very few. Why this happens? For each course considerable amount of hours per week are necessary, but while enrolling we make wrong calculations on the amount of free time we have. While calculating free time we include (sacrifice) whatever free time we have. But when actually courses begin we realize the reality. We understand switching between tasks isn’t easy and it is affecting overall productivity [ref: multitasking affects your productivity]. We feel restless, We procrastinate    (tomorrow I will finish for sure) and finally we regret once the course finishes.

When we find a course that matches our interest we enrol without any second thought. Interest is good, but anxiety is bad. Instead of enrolling to 20 courses a year and finishing only 4 (just for the sake of finishing), it’s better to enrol for 10 and finishing all 10 courses, (with knowledge of it) also it improves confidence. Aim big, but start small.

Course are free but our time isn’t, so let’s utilize it carefully. Happy Learning.

PS: At first I used to enrol for 5-6 courses at a time and couldn’t able to manage time. Later I learned how to study in MOOCs, then I started enrolling to fewer courses and I am able to finish them.

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