Next 30 days try something new: call or send message to whom I didn’t over a month

Started today. Will update if there are any interesting happenings.


If you are talking to someone/friend after many days be-ready to hear some good and bad news, who are you? Do you know me? Which <your name> (Goutham) 🙂 ?

25-01-2013(Friday) –

Be bold, the number you are calling

  • may not exist
  • being used by someone else
  • your number is not in their contact list, so they might think, “I don’t know this number,  is it worth answering?  blah blah … !!!”

When in college, frequent questions are: recent movies? when are you going home?


  • What are you doing? What are you doing?
  • Where are you now?
  • What’s your platform(if technical)?
  • married?
  • What’s your package?
  • When you come around you inform me we shall meet

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