How Google has spoiled us

super={Boss, Teacher, X, Y or Z}

weaker ={ Employee, Student, U, V or W }

Scenario- 1 Before Google

{super}  assigned a task to {weaker}. If {weaker} didn’t get any clue how to solve the task, and if {super} inquired about the status, {weaker} would say, I m trying hard sir, but i am not finding any clue of it. May be this is a new kind of problem. Then {super} would say, when you get a clue update me, we shall discuss.

Scenario-2 With Google

{super} assigned a task to {weaker}. {super} inquired about the status, {weaker} would say, I am searching hard in Google sir, but I am not able to find the right solution. Then {super} would say, it will be there in Google. Don’t you know how to search. Ok fine, when you find the link mail me. We shall discuss.

No doubt Google has changed the way we work. We don’t have to remember because Google does everything for us. There are also many DIY – do it yourself videos on YouTube. With Google becoming part of our lives, we are more focused on task accomplishment than worrying about ohh!!! no I don’t know that concept. These days “I don’t know” is merely an excuse to avoid something.

How do I primarily use Google?

As a spell checker, for definitions, for hints, for right syntax and examples while programming, for meanings. If I forget regarding something(say Music director for an album or a director/cast for a movie), I give relative words then Google does everything for me.

Share how do you use Google?


2 thoughts on “How Google has spoiled us

  1. i use it similar to your approach + i break my work modules to even smaller and google provides me even the code to accomplish my tasks….. i have to just figure out how to get my work done and google is my employee then… 🙂

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