Drupal tips

This is so funny, I am writing drupal tips on wordpress. 🙂

I am not a Drupal pro. I am just a beginner. I am good with wordpress, Ok with Joomla       ( not using Joomla anymore), and becoming good with Drupal. Learning curve for Drupal is high when compared to wordpress. But WordPress is super cool.

While trying Drupal, I have a lot of problems. For some I found immediate solutions in the form of plugins and for some I am yet to find solutions. There are many forums, blogs, documentations for Drupal. But still I am posting the solutions I found to my problems. *These are not tips, these are the solutions I found for the my problems. I didn’t find appropriate word. Without any further dealy, I am starting.

Problem1: Submenu on the sidebar1. Whenever I click on the main menu item, if it has a submenu it should be displayed on the sidebar1/left sidebar or right sidebar.

Solution: Use “Sub menu” module.

Problem2: Converting from one node type to another. There is no inbuilt core feature for this in Drupal.

Solution: Use “Node Type” module.

Sometimes I thought Drupal CMS is very bad. But slowly realizing its true power and why professionals embrace it.

This is not an end, I will be posting more.


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