what do we owe the next generations?

Answers always aren’t necessary. Questions make us think more than answers. This is so obvious.

Here i am trying to give a three dimensional view: what actually we want to give, what we are giving and what we have to give

What we want to give: assets, comfort, freedom( to do anything ).

What we are giving: laziness, pollution, cars, religion, caste, making cowards.

What we have to give: to make them realize the power of working hard, make them understand how important they are to the nation, freedom and courage(to do the right thing).

I may be right or wrong. Whatever you felt just shed them in the comment box.



One thought on “what do we owe the next generations?

  1. very right bro.. even i think that a comfort after a certain level misleads a person.. love, care is another thing but unnecessary comfort is what you mentioned above.

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