destination is the catalyst to hope

how can you hope without any goals?

if you board a train to reach a destination- A, you know it will reach. it may be late, but you are clear where to get off.

how do you feel when your destination is arriving? Feel it and board the train now. 

to reach the same destination you can even walk, you may reach after months or it may take years. BUT you will reach your destination.

how do you feel when you see the last mile stone or a welcome board to your destination? Feel it and start walking now. 

you have a destination, but you have chosen a wrong train or a path. you may not be aware of it now, but soon you will. when you realized that, take the right train or path.

after reaching your destination don’t forget the path, because the feeling you are having now is not just because of destination but the path too.  and set a new destination.

Do whatever you want to do. Do you have a second life?



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