writing diary

30days back when I started writing I don’t know what to write. I started writing whatever comes into my mind. After 2 days I wrote what I did in the day. After some days I started writing the things I learned through the entire day. I never wrote any secrets in my diary, because they are secrets. Even if someone reads my diary they shouldn’t get about me. Is this called an insecurity feeling? May be I should overcome it.

I don’t want to end here. I want to continue this, not on daily basis. I will write whenever I feel there is something I can write in my diary.



One thought on “writing diary

  1. keep it uppp aaluuu
    i’lll also starttt laterr…………may b πŸ™‚
    vaisee wot u’ll write be useldmom do things whic oder(not toppers) doesss except study πŸ˜›

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