Free Education

Things obtained free are seldom valued. This may be true in all cases but not in the case of education. Free education is of high value (I feel).

You can learn from people who have profound knowledge of the subject. You can pause them. You can replay them. And all is for free.

Harvard and MIT teamed up to offer free online courses, this is the news everywhere. But the concept itself is not a new one but it was under another name: OpenCourseWare- OCW

OpenCourseWare: course materials created by universities and
shared freely with the world via the internet. (Reference: Wikipedia)

OCW links: – carnegie mellon university – MIT – Berkeley – IIT

For more ocw links:

I don’t know whether this can be called ocw, but courses taught at
harvard are online:

OCW has videos, class notes, slides, assignments etc. but lacks

Now new form of education has emerged called MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course)
In udacity, lectures are short, there are quizzes, homeworks and end term exam too. After completing the course you will receive a certificate. (courses on various subjects) (mit and harvard partnership) (MOOC aggregator)
Best Computer Science Degrees  [Ref]
List of over 40 educational websites
Information is flowing in abundant. The only limitation is time and passion. So start today.

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