24 hrs without internet

may be this happened before, but never noticed. had a chance of using internet, but made myself firm not to. if i am away from my laptop, i use internet on my mobile. what happens for every half an hour or sometimes for even less intervals is, my hands automatically wants to open opera-mini browser to open fb a.k.a Facebook. once finished checking any updates in fb then my fingers wants to tap on the Gmail app to check for new mails, (though i don’t get frequent mails :P).

this 24hrs i am free from it(internet). didn’t had a thought of using internet. so spent quality time with my friends. mobile also interrupts much. next time should try switching it off, or i shouldn’t carry mobile at all.

i can blog the same post tomorrow, but i am not sure that i can capture the same feelings  i am having now. because once i sleep and wake up on monday, it(day) again starts with internet and mobile




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