extra day

During every exam I used to feel, if there is an extra day I would have completed the syllabus. But I never got any such day. This is the first time I am giving importance to a leap year, before leap year means- “it comes once in 4 years and in February I have to attend a day extra to school/college.” But this time, “an extra day”.

My friends(working in Headstrong) received their first stipend. Congrats to them.

Apart from writing this article, What did i do today?

  • Woke up at 11 in the morning (very early, right? :P)
  • Skipped breakfast
  • Didn’t bath (I am very honest 🙂 )
  • Started learning perl (trust me, Python makes your life easier)
  • Used Facebook very less. Less than an hour

Finally : If there is an extra day, I would have managed this “extra day” productively. 🙂

Mind is a monkey, running on a donkey.

Edit : ………………. this is my 60th post …………………


2 thoughts on “extra day

  1. untill u donnno d imp of reg dayy how dis ur xtra day wud b wrthyy 🙂
    n if u kno dennn alsoo it’ll bcum not an xtra day 🙂 soo frm past 2 present ,present 2 past time posses same value i.e price less 🙂

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