what is pain?

Getting affected by others actions(though you haven’t done anything) but not able to do anything. There are only two options, either suffer to the pain or overcome it. I prefer the latter one, or at least I will try.

this is my version.

Today my badminton racket got a bend while playing in the evening. My partner gave me the call to lift the shuttle, so I moved my racket to hit the shuttle, then at the same time, he moved his racket.

boom boom !!!!!

Though it was not that much loud noise, officially and logically it is called a clash and my racket got a bend. So I took it to the sports shop and asked him whether he can fix it. He was amazed seeing it, because it is from the same shop I bought the racket. He told he can’t fix it and it’s impossible to fix.

He also told it was a bad luck 😦 and there should be proper co-ordination between team members.

Wonder is, my partner’s racket didn’t even get a single stain.

The condition of my racket is, still I can play. But it is a broken mirror in my heart.

Planning to buy a new racket, this time I will buy a normal one. After relieving I will buy a good one again.



3 thoughts on “what is pain?

  1. broo take 1 4 me also me also hav broken heart dat ma partner has lost his racket N i also broked ma one 4 dat

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