“Better” to best is “good”, what about “worst” to “good/better”

morning read an article on times of india online


thought good they are encouraging research. But later another point came into mind, why are they concentrating on only bunch of institutes(branded as IIT’s). IIT’s are better or in fact they can be termed to be best, but there are other institutes under MHRD not up to the level of IIT ‘s.

Why are they not encouraging other institutes to conduct research? though it is a open fact that IIT’s attract foreign funding. Improve the facilities in other institutes too, then the rest follows.

This is not the case with educational institutes, even with the development of cities. development is centered only in cities. the towns that are attached to the city are abandoned.

though this is termed to be development, they are exploiting, whether it is a educational institute or a city.

Never make the development centered, spread it then everything flourishes.


I am not against development, just give chance to everyone.

This is my view. share your comments too.

Thanks for reading.



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