measuring the success!! can we?

measure the things that u can.

we measure our success by marks, the package we get. the more package/marks we have, (we think) the more successful we are.

are we petrol/diesel, groceries to get measured. we are humans, aren’t we?

yaaa you are right, you might say: the measurement is actually performance measurement. are we engines to get our performance checked or measured.

“Comparison kills creativity” – and if we don’t compare, we don’t know where we are leading to. Contradiction in my mind, unable to to support one thought.

Education is important, but is it necessary to rank who is first and who is second?

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3 thoughts on “measuring the success!! can we?

  1. Ranking often distinguish among the individuals in a group and shows their ability in accordance to that particular point on which it(ranking) is based on. But this may leads to some problems. Ranking itself alone can’t predict the ability of a particular person and if u wanna measure a person’s success, try to cover all the aspects that leads him/her to success but simply not the rank that he/she might got.

    Ever ur’s dude,

  2. Well I am completely not in support of ranking or measuring any individual’s performance. That’s because i feel that each human being in this world is unique, and as you said comparison kills the uniqueness. Each human being is born with a special purpose and he/she needs to understand their uniqueness and polish it and savor it… But according to the present scenario, it isn’t like that.. It says, “If you are good in anything and the other is better, you have to become the best to beat him/her..” And its not possible to change this way of thinking in people anymore…

  3. brooo its all upto 2 wot u wann frm urself d more u wann d more u need 2 perform πŸ™‚ 2 achieve dat
    i think noone bliefs in comparison if it really wannns dat thin
    soo satisfy urself upto ur xpectation πŸ™‚

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