Just 5 (websites)

there are millions of websites on Internet. all are not useful for everyone. some can be just a service(mail, file sharing), some stand for information about their organization and some are there for tons of knowledge. we just need to explore.

Since I am a computer science student, i usually explore sites regarding the same and latest technology.   I just want to share the sites i visited recently. I don’t want to make it a periodical, because when this idea first struck i thought of posting them weekly. But It’s very much difficult to explore just for me to write a post on my blog. Moreover it will be artificial. So I will post whenever I feel like I made a list of five and they are worth to share.

Here it goes……….

1) http://searchco.de
this site has a very cool interface. to be simple it is programming search engine. Many programming languages documentation is put together.  just type a keyword, it shows the related information in the programming languages database it has.

2) http://code.google.com/edu
provides sample course content and tutorials in computer science. there are many courses, ranging from programming languages, web programming, web security to android. I used it’s python programming language content, it helped me to brush up my basics.

3) http://vmware.com/appliances/directory/
there are various VMware appliances, which can be used with vmware player. Try multiple operating systems virtually without messing with the original.

Get the vmware player from the below link:

Free course material of MIT. Material content can be video, lecture notes, recommended reading etc..

e-learning video lectures from IIT’s. courses available for various engineering branches.

Thanks for your time, please share your comments.

happy exploring..

happy weekend.



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