QRpedia – wikipedia

qrcode – quick response code.
qrcode is a matrix bar code in which information is encoded in small black squares with white background.
It looks likesample qr code

Recently when i am reading digit magazine, i saw an image, below it was given scan the qr-code which will redirect to YouTube and point to a video. I never heard of it. So I used Wikipedia to get some basic introduction to qr-code.

Later I downloaded QrDecode app for my Android, and used it on one image. The size of the image is very small, when I scanned it redirected me to YouTube.

Today while I am browsing a new site:http://www.labnol.org/, I found an article on qrcode.
There is a service to generate qrcodes for wikipedia articles. this service is QRpedia.

Paste the wikipedia link and it will generate qrcode, which can be circulated. Moreover, it detects the default language of the mobile phone and opens article in that language.

To play around with QRpedia, I pasted a Wikipedia link and it generated a qrcode.

To decode that, I searched on Google, for “qrdecode online” i just randomly selected a website:

Just uploaded the qrcode image, and submitted the query, it gave me a link.I  used that link which  redirected me  to

May be I will be writing more articles on these qrcodes.

Thanks for reading, you can check the references for more information.
Please post your comments.

Goutham Pilla




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