tablets can revolutionize education

I am using my HTC wildfire Android based smart phone from last one month. It used to hung very bad, every time I have to take the battery out and start it.

Two weeks back I installed an app for task managing, from then it is working fine. Before I used to avoid using my mobile, now I am loving it. If I am not using internet on my laptop, definitely I will be using it on my mobile.

Today when I am sitting idle in class and just reading some python related notes on in my HTC. while reading, it struck me how tablets can improve our quality of education.

These are all my views, I am not giving review about my mobile or android either

Everyone has a laptop, but it is not that comfortable to open them during class. As most of your attention will be on the laptop screen and important thing is you can’t hold the laptop screen in your hand. Whereas with tablet, you can read it like a book placing it on the desk or holding it in the hand.We can be in touch with the knowledge base. We can carry two books in hand, but if we carry one tablet it can hold thousands of books along with internet. Not necessary that we have to replace books with tablet. Tablets will definitely improve the productivity.

When I am in my 11th Standard, MIT announced OLPC – One Laptop Per Child  project. During that time I thought it will motivate kids to learn more. In my second years of bachelor’s degree I got a chance to volunteer for one of the OLPC project for Udavi School, Auroville, Pondicherry, India. I had that laptop with me for 4 days. I explored it well. There are various activities like games and applications with which they can make a story-line.  My work is to set up an XS- server for XO-laptops and wi-fi.  I interacted with few students, they were very much excited to use the laptop. Though they are not new to computers or internet but they are new to compactness.

This is my first lengthy post. Thanks for reading and please do comment.

Goutham Pilla



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