Free World

lets confine word world to a place.

imagine a world* with no cellphone and a wallet in your pocket. read books, talking to people with no ego feelings, no competition, no winning strategy as a single, only “work for a purpose”. It feels very good.

just imagine. really i want to be in such place at least for a week.

for this article the real thought came from the following thought.

why students have to carry books to school?

They don’t have options to choose what they like to do, in fact they have options to choose which coaching they have to go?

After spending 6-7 hours at school, is it necessary to a student to study more (at home).
Talk to child, let him explore the world around, just make him aware of the opportunities around him.

May be i m not right, my ideas are not applicable. But give a thought. Please give feedback even if it is positive or negative.

Thanks for reading and spending your time.


One thought on “Free World

  1. Right man. Making book worms living in cocoons of understanding the world through other’s eyes. I see (rather forced) to see living examples of these from very close quarters.

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