Rain & Rain…… I love it

During my school days, whenever there is rain in the morning, the first thought i used to get is -” since it is raining badly, there should be a holiday” and to confirm that there is a holiday- i used to stand outside of my house and check whether the school bus passed to pickup kids.( my school is just 200-300 meters from my house, so i don’t need a bus to pick me up)

Most of the times it was not a holiday but still whenever it rains my first thought was same.

Whats so special about rain……

most of the times farmers pray for rains and sometimes students like me also wish for rain. 🙂

During my graduation, whenever there is rain me and Mithun used to attend college definitely (we used to attend other days too). We used to do nothing except having chai(tea) for many times.

Even today when i woke up it is raining, I thought the same(no college). Asusual my wish is not fulfilled. College was there. Attended only for morning session and in the afternoon i started writing this article.

Even now it is raining and I am going out to have chai(tea) with VD.

Rain & Rain….  i love it

inspiration: It was raining from yesterday night till today continuously. today morning while I was brushing my teeth- title sparked me.

Note: I did my graduation in Hyderabad. at present Mithun is in Chennai.  Now i am in Raipur.





8 thoughts on “Rain & Rain…… I love it

  1. good one ra.. even i still think of a holiday to my work when it rains or snow.. but the wish always remained as a wish.. cheers.. 🙂

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