Young GUNS are being treated as Match Sticks

any country’s important wealth is it’s younger generations. Because they have the ability, energy, commitment, and are innocent.

they should be taken care like a rose.

they are born not to carry a bag that is heavier than them.

they are to school not to get ranks nor to get caned. we taught them what is a rank, grade. we are insulting them giving these ranks. if the student is really capable of understanding the things then why the hell will he come to school.

will u leave the cycle if the tire is punctured, we will somehow try to fix it.

how a bird can fly if it’s wings are tied.

I know how to solve a differentiation/integration but i don’t know where I have to use it in the real world.

there is a famous saying:

there are no bad students, only bad teachers

–      karate kid(movie) ( not sure about the original source of this quote)

I am not complaining. This is an insight of the education system I have seen from my childhood.

Most of the discussion has happened during my after dinner walk with Saurabh Pal and VD.


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