are we really Genuine??

If you are using Microsoft operating systems, then definitely you are aware of this word “genuine”.

Today i went to a school for taking an application to my cousin, there is a 15 inch TFT monitor in the front office, i don’t exactly remember the wallpaper on the desktop but there is a logo of the Microsoft Genuine and displaying this.

Caption of the school name is almost similar to the wordings – “education with values”. If they themselves doesn’t have any values, how they will impart in the students.

I am not saying they are doing it deliberately or they should purchase license. According to my view they are not aware of this licensing and all these “big and confusing” terms. moreover they think it’s not a big deal.

There are also other options: they can use Linux(Ubuntu) and other alternatives for propitiatory software, if they really can’t invest for software.

Even the hardware vendors(local) never encourage the buyers to go for genuine or for Linux. Instead they say, “why to invest money sir – we will install it free for you. If there is any problem give us a call we will format  and reinstall”.  “By the way, this service is free for one year, after that for every visit you have to pay 300 or more”.

Format and Reinstall are real jargon they use it every-time to  fetch more money.

After all it’s our wish to live genuine or not, with computer and with everything.


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