War never ends

War never ends for the digital world.
Operating System wars – O.S. wars
Linux vs Windows vs Mac vs Unix

Every O.S. has pros and cons. one O.S. is very much geeky and the other is user friendly. for one you need to pay and the other comes for free. user in great confusion which O.S. to choose and another issue is, after buying the hardware is he willing to pay for the software too??

in the end, based on the requirements user selects their O.S.

Browser Wars
Mozilla Firefox vs Internet Explorer vs Google Chrome vs Apple’s Safari vs Opera

Everything is online from friends to food, entertainment to travel. so user needs internet hence a browser to browse the web. now comes the factor of security. no browser is 100% safe instead they are relatively safer.

Search Engine Wars
google vs bing vs yahoo vs other
Google has changed the internet searching, in fact googling has become a synonym for searching. Any search engine results the pages it has indexed, search engine never searches the internet.
Though a search engine returns millions or thousands of results, a user checks only the first page or the first ten. If he is not satisfied he goes for the second page, but it is rare. so to attract more number of users the first page results should be more effective and related.

Mobile O.S. wars
Apple iOS vs Google’s Android vs Microsoft’s Phone7

mobile – it’s meaning was changed long back. before it used to be 0-9 keypad, a button to call, a button to end a call , a button to restart the phone and a small display.

iPhone made a revolution, originally iOS meant for iPhone but now the same is being used for iPad, iPod touch (Source: Wikipedia)

Android mobile operating system is based on the Linux kernel used on smartphones, net-books and tablets. (Source: Wikipedia)Android is a free and open source and hence it attracts developers around the globe.

Open Handset Alliance: is a business alliance of 80 firms to develop open standards for mobile devices. Member firms include Google, HTC, Sony, Dell, Intel, Motorola, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Samsung, LG, T-Mobile, Nvidia, and Wind River Systems. Android is the flagship software of the alliance (Source: Wikipedia)

I have zero experience with the mobile O.S. and i haven’t used iPhone or Android device yet.

If I don’t like an OS for my PC or laptop I can change with no change in hardware or little change. The same is the case with the browsers. But for my mobiles the scene is different, I have to change the handset if I don’t like the O.S.

Debate continues in the forums and groups regarding which is best. But the fact is, the best is yet to come, because we humans are not satisfied with what we have.


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