preparation for redhat certification

**Update on 09th June,2013: I didn’t give my certification exam. I am updating this after two years. I should have updated this long back.

my 2nd year exams are over. now i am preparing for my redhat certification.

i just want to update my preparation status:

1) started with installation process: i am familiar with the normal installation process giving the root and swap.
today i tried another method by separating the /boot partition and gave it 500 MB. i am practicing it on vmware workstation. and i proceeded the normal graphical installation. unchecked the unecessary stuffs like gnome graphical interface, internet tools etc..

2) user and group administration:
useradd – to add user (options: -u for userid, -g for groupid, -G for secondary group id)
usermod – to modify setting for user
userdel – to delete user ( options: -r to delete everything related to a user)
groupadd – to add a group
groupdel – to delete a group
groupmod – to modify settings for a group (-n to change group name)

to change login name:    usermod -l <new one> <oldone>

to lock a password:          usermod -L <username>

to unlock :                         usermod -U <username>

******important files ***************

/etc/passwd      – user account information

/etc/shadow – secure user account information

/etc/group – group information

/etc/gshadow – secure group information


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